Choose Rugby


Choose a club. Choose a team. Choose a family. Choose a f*cking big prop; choose jumpers, tactics, big mean forwards and lightning fast backs. Choose good health, low blows, and dental insurance. Choose fixed stares and intimidating hakas. Choose a starting line-up. Choose a top-end scrum machine on hire purchase in a range of f*cking colours. Choose ICU and wondering where the f*ck you've woken up on a Sunday morning. Choose sitting on that icecold bench watching mind-numbing, spirit-enriching live matches, stuffing f*
ucking cold pies into your mouth. Choose rotting away at the end of the night, pishing your last in a miserable outhouse, nothing less than a legend to the selfish, f*cked-up brats you trained to replace yourself. Choose your future. Choose Rugby.


Escolha Rugby. Escolha um clube. Escolha um time. Escolha uma familia. Escolha um prop do c*ralho; escolha segunda-linhas, táticas, grandes e crueis forwards, e rápidos backs. Escolha uma boa saúde, golpes baixos, e o plano dental. Escolha olhares fixos e hakas intimidantes.
Escolha um ponto de partida line-up. Escolha seus amigos. Escolha agasalho e kitbags combinando. Escolha uma máquina potente de scrum comprada ou de alugada em uma gama de cores do c*ralho. Escolha UTI e se perguntando onde diabos você acordou numa manhã de domingo. Escolha sentar naquele banco assistindo entorpecido mentalmente, com espírito enriquecedor aos jogos ao vivo, estufando de tortas frias do c*ralho em sua boca. Escolha apodrecer no final da noite, xingando seu passado em uma casinha miserável, nada mais do que uma lenda para os egoístas, pirralhos f*dido você treinou para substitui-lo. Escolha o seu futuro. Escolha Rugby.

Friday, 24 December 2010

Varied kick-off times announced to increase Rugby World Cup exposure

Organisers of the 2011 Rugby World Cup in New Zealand said today that 40 per cent of matches will have late kick-offs in a move to maximise the tournament's global television audiences. Under the plans, 19 of the 48 matches will begin at 8pm (0900GMT) or later, so they will take place between 8am and 10am in Britain, France, Italy and South Africa. 

Rugby New Zealand 2011 chief executive Martin Snedden said kick-off times had been pushed back as late as possible to avoid matches being played in the early hours of the morning in major rugby markets.
"We have achieved a good balance." he said. "If New Zealand is to make the most of the platform RWC 2011 gives us to showcase our country to the world, then we need to ensure we maximise the global television audience for key matches."
The quarter-finals will be 6pm-8.30pm double-headers, while both the semis and the final will start at 9pm. New Zealand will switch to daylight saving time midway through the tournament, meaning the 9pm kick-off time equates to 9am-10am in Europe and South Africa. 

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