Choose Rugby


Choose a club. Choose a team. Choose a family. Choose a f*cking big prop; choose jumpers, tactics, big mean forwards and lightning fast backs. Choose good health, low blows, and dental insurance. Choose fixed stares and intimidating hakas. Choose a starting line-up. Choose a top-end scrum machine on hire purchase in a range of f*cking colours. Choose ICU and wondering where the f*ck you've woken up on a Sunday morning. Choose sitting on that icecold bench watching mind-numbing, spirit-enriching live matches, stuffing f*
ucking cold pies into your mouth. Choose rotting away at the end of the night, pishing your last in a miserable outhouse, nothing less than a legend to the selfish, f*cked-up brats you trained to replace yourself. Choose your future. Choose Rugby.


Escolha Rugby. Escolha um clube. Escolha um time. Escolha uma familia. Escolha um prop do c*ralho; escolha segunda-linhas, táticas, grandes e crueis forwards, e rápidos backs. Escolha uma boa saúde, golpes baixos, e o plano dental. Escolha olhares fixos e hakas intimidantes.
Escolha um ponto de partida line-up. Escolha seus amigos. Escolha agasalho e kitbags combinando. Escolha uma máquina potente de scrum comprada ou de alugada em uma gama de cores do c*ralho. Escolha UTI e se perguntando onde diabos você acordou numa manhã de domingo. Escolha sentar naquele banco assistindo entorpecido mentalmente, com espírito enriquecedor aos jogos ao vivo, estufando de tortas frias do c*ralho em sua boca. Escolha apodrecer no final da noite, xingando seu passado em uma casinha miserável, nada mais do que uma lenda para os egoístas, pirralhos f*dido você treinou para substitui-lo. Escolha o seu futuro. Escolha Rugby.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Picture of Brazil's winning women's national 7s team

Congratulations ladies, the best in South America once again!

Guest Post from


By Bill Brodhagen

You Will Suffer Humiliation When The Sports Team From My Area Defeats The Sports Team From Your Area  

As you can see from the calendar, the game is coming up this weekend. I'm sure you are as excited for it as I am, as our cities are rivals and have been for quite some time. Your confidence in your team is high, but rest assured, you will suffer humiliation when the sports team from my area defeats the sports team from your area.
On numerous occasions, you have expressed the conviction that your area's sports team will be victorious. I must admit that every time I hear you make this proclamation, I react with both laughter and disbelief. "Ha!" I say to myself with laughter. "What?!" I say to myself in disbelief. How could you believe that your sports team could beat my sports team? It is clear that yours is inferior in every way.
When the sporting contest begins, the players on your team will be treated as though they are inconsequential. It will be remarkably easy for my team to accumulate more points than yours. There are many reasons for this, starting with the inferior physical attributes of the players representing your area. Strength, speed, and agility are just three of the qualities that the players on the team from your area lack. The players representing my area, on the other hand, have these traits in abundance.
I would not be a bit surprised if the individuals on the team from your area were sexually attracted to members of their own gender. That is how ineffective they are on the field of battle.
Underscoring your team's inferiority is its choice of colors. It is ludicrous to believe that your team's colors inspire either respect or fear. Instead, they appear to have been chosen by someone who is colorblind or, perhaps, bereft of sight altogether. The colors for my team, on the other hand, are aesthetically pleasing when placed in proximity to one another. They are a superior color combination in every way.
While we are on the subject of aesthetics, let us compare the respective facilities in which our teams play. While my team's edifice is blessed with architectural splendor and the most modern of amenities, yours is a thoroughly unpleasant place in which to watch a sporting contest. I know of what I speak, for I once attended a game between our respective teams in your facility. Let's just say the experience left me wishing that my car was inoperable that day due to mechanical problems, rendering it impossible for me to get to your area to attend the game.
If you need another reason why the sporting franchise representing my area is superior, look no further than the supporters for the two sides. Not only are the supporters of the team from my region more spirited, but they are also more intelligent and of finer breeding than you and the rest of your ilk. In addition, the female supporters of the team from my area possess more attractive countenances and figures than yours. Some of the women from my side that I have observed could make a living by posing for pictures for major men's magazines. The women who cheer for your team, I'm afraid, are far too unattractive to do so.
One of the more pathetic aspects of the team from your area is the fact that only people in your immediate area possess an affinity for it. By means of contrast, the team from my area inspires loyalty and affection in individuals who live in many other geographic locations.
To illustrate this point, let me tell a brief story: Recently, I was on vacation in an area of the country far away from my own, and I saw many individuals wearing items of clothing that bore the insignia of my team. I approached one such individual and asked him if he originated from my area. He said no, explaining that he simply liked the team from my area and had for many years. Interestingly enough, during this trip, I saw no clothing or other paraphernalia bearing the insignia of your team.
Do you still doubt that the team from your area is inferior to the one from mine? Just look at our teams' respective histories. In the past, we have defeated you on any number of occasions. Granted, there were times when your team beat my team, but those were lucky flukes.
The day of the game will soon be at hand. And no matter how hard you pray to a higher power or how many foam accoutrements you wear in support of the team from your area, your team will be defeated. We will win and you will lose. This is your fate.
Prepare for humiliation. It shall be upon you at the designated hour.


I am not being intentionally lazy, I just liked this article enough to cut&paste it!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Rugby season is back in Brazil

After an extended break, this blog is back. Rugby is still the main focus, but there will be a slight change of emphasis, and more articles about Brazil in general.
It is now autumn in Brazil, even though the temperatures are still in the 80's (or high 20's for you Celsius seekers), and that means that the state rugby championships have begun. Live rugby! At a soccer ground near you me now!

This Sunday, April 10th, there will be a double-header at the university ground of UFF in central Niteroi city. The pitch is not very good quality, but there are good views across the bay towards Rio de Janeiro. And its FREE for spectators! My predictions: UFF to win by 20 points; Niteroi to win by 50 points.

And there's more! On Saturday 9th, it is the turn of the female teams and the male under-19 teams to strut their stuff in their own tournaments, at the same venue.

That is a lot of rugby for one weekend, let us hope that the local clubs can get some media coverage of it. To misquote John Travolta, "Publicity is the word".  

Weighty Words

This one is for Brenda!

Se, you can weigh words. ;-)
Keep on blogging.

What is Wrong with Brazil?

Toothpaste tube lids. Yes, toothpaste tube lids. They are an indication of what is wrong with Brazil.

Shown above is the standard flip-top style lid, which has been around for at least a decade. More hygienic, less hassle, better all around than the old-fashioned screw-on top. Only...

Only the flip-top lid is not used in Brazil, by any toothpaste company! WTF! Nobody can be bothered to invest in this upgrade, and apparently no consumers here care enough to demand it. Or maybe they are not listened to by the people in power.

It is only a small thing, but it is sadly emblematic of the stagnation which rules here.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Tennis: Scotland's Murray wins in Australian Open, goes through to semi-finals

I know its not rugby, but geeza brek! Andy Murray is raising the profile of Scotland abroad. Here in Brazil, British = English, and English= British, normally. So three cheers for Andy Murray, Dario Franchitti, and anyone else who is promoting Scotland on the world stage.

This report comes from Rio's O Globo newspaper:  

26/Feb/2011 Murray bate algoz de Soderling e volta às semifinais


Atual vice-campeão, o britânico Andy Murray está de volta às semifinais do Aberto da Austrália. O número 5 do mundo, que ainda não perdera sets no torneio, pôs fim à surpreendente campanha do ucraniano Alexandr Dolgopolov (que vinha de vitória sobre o sueco Robin Soderling), ao batê-lo por 7-5, 6-3, 6-7 (3) e 6-3.
Nas semifinais, o britânico encara um espanhol: Rafael Nadal ou David Ferrer. (WDR: Ferrer)

Dá-lhe, Murray!

Friday, 24 December 2010

Give the gift of rugby at Christmas!

Dê um mês de treino no SPAC como presente de Natal 

As a Christmas present, why not give someone a voucher for one month's training with Sao Paulo team SPAC Rugby

O vale-presente A VIDA É BELA, possui vários kits diferentes para você dar um presente criativo. Os kits são temáticos: gourmet, spas, aventura etc.
Dentro de cada kit, há uma série de opções de atividades e estabelecimentos que é possível utilizar o vale-presente. Basta escolher, agendar e usar.
The cost of the voucher is R$ 179. [WDR: About $110] 
O seu cheque presente dá direito a: Um mês de treino, duas vezes por semana com equipe e padrinho /madrinha acompanhando, terminando com...   

No kit EXTREME, o SPAC é uma das opções de presente, o ganhador poderá treinar um mês no SPAC, podendo ainda disputar um jogo.